How you to use Energy Efficiently – Ways to Save Energy and Money

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Our planet is facing various threats that could lead to its eventual destruction. As an inhabitant, it would be nice to do some things that can help preserve it, even in your own little way. You can start by doing some energy saving tasks at home, including the following:

1. Turn off the lights when not in use.

Before you leave the house for work or school, you should check that all lights in every single room of your house have been switched off. Leaving them on will just add up to your electrical consumption and shorten the bulbs’ life spans.

2. Unplug everything if you are going to be away for an extended period of time.

While it is all right to leave your television or desktop computer plugged even if you are not at home for hours or even a couple of days, you should make sure to unplug everything if you will be away for a week or more.

Here’s an example scenario: Everyone knows that a professional deli meat slicer is best for slicing meat, and if you have one at home, you should double check that you have unplugged it after preparing a sumptuous meal for your family. Leaving it plugged to the electric outlet can lead to electrical issues, overheating, or even fire.

3. Use energy-efficient appliances.

Nowadays, there are appliances that come in energy-efficient varieties that are beneficial to the environment. They are designed to not emit harmful substances that can contaminate the air, water, and land, and put people in danger for various medical issues.

4. Clean the air conditioner and furnace filters on a regular basis.

In order for the air conditioning or furnace system in your home to work efficiently, their filters have to be cleaned or changed regularly. Every couple of days, it will not hurt to check the filters and see if it is time to do something about them. Dust and other particles are likely to accumulate in the filters, and if there is buildup, aside from the fact that it is a easy way to avoid sniffles, the appliances may not be able to cool or warm your place appropriately.

5. Hang your clothes to dry.

If possible, avoid using the dryer to dry your clothes after laundry. It will be more environment-friendly to hang your clothes, linens, and blankets outside to dry them under the sun. You can use a rope or string that is long and sturdy enough to hold the clothes, and tie it around a tree or a post.

6. Always check that the refrigerator door is closed shut.

Make sure that the refrigerator door is actually tightly closed before you leave the kitchen. There have been several cases of people not closing the fridge door properly, thus wasting a lot of electricity and energy.