Eight Space-Saving Tips for a Small Kids’ Bedroom

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More often than not, kids’ bedrooms are way smaller than a master’s bedroom. If you live in a two or three-bedroom home and you have more than two kids, than your children will most likely have to share a tiny bedroom. Sharing or not, these tiny bedrooms could be hard to organize because of the challenge of space. However, thanks to some DIY tricks and your creative mind, you can still make your kids’ bedroom look amazing despite the small space.

It is good to remember though that as your children grow up, their wants and needs change. Because of this, it is just right for you to design the kids’ bedroom into something that will still be functional, spacious and likeable even as your children turn into teens and young adults. Here are some space-saving tips for a small kids’ bedroom whether for one child or more.

1. Bunk beds

Especially when there’s more than one child occupying a small bedroom, a bunk bed is essential. Do your research and gather inspiration from Pinterest, Google and magazines to see how creative you can get with bunk bed designs. You no longer have to get those regular-looking double deck beds; there are now countless designs you can choose from.

2. Storage and study area built with the bunk beds

It’s not unusual for you to find bunk beds either with one or two beds that have built in storage and study areas. These are definitely miracle space savers that your kids will love while they’re still little until they grow up.

3. Floating shelves

Make use of all the air space that remains useless without floating shelves. Much cheaper than cabinets with doors, you can even build DIY floating shelves with some left over wood and your usual table saw, using blades that are best for fine cross and rip cuts. The job will be done in no time.

4. The bedroom is for sleep, not for play.

Since there’s not much space in the bedroom, don’t turn this into your child’s play area anymore. Share part of the living room where your child can play because incorporating a play area in the bedroom will definitely require a lot of space.

5. Pullout beds

If you don’t like the idea of a double deck or bunk bed, then pullout beds could be a better choice for you. You can easily find these ready made or you can contact a carpenter to customize one for you.

6. Wheeled furniture

The main point of wheeled furniture is easy mobility. When it’s time for play, you can roll cabinets to another side and when it’s time for sleep, you can put it back on its right place.

7. Mounted TV

If you decide to place a TV inside a kids’ bedroom, a better way is to make it a wall-mounted one. You will no longer need a separate or cabinet that will surely take up space if the TV is up on the wall. This also allows you to monitor TV time of your kids if the controls are hard to reach.

8. Bed nook with storage or shelves

Who won’t fall in love with a nook? Make your child’s bed nook even cozier by placing shelves around it that are filled with his favorite stuffed toys and books.