Common Dangers and Risks the Environment is Dealing With in the 21st Century

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Being aware of the different elements that harm our environment is quite important to the success of protecting and preserving it. If you want to actively be a part of this movement, here are some of the most common things that endanger our planet:


Farmers use fertilizers to make the soil fertile and promote plant growth and development. Even your mom will love to have some fertilizer to improve the growth of her hobby garden. However, not all fertilizers are safe to use. There are some that contain chemicals that can cause serious harm to our environment, as well as to our health.

Urea, which is a popular type of fertilizer, emits ammonia that can contaminate groundwater, destroy the ozone layer, and contribute to acid rain. A person who gets exposed to it becomes at risk of stomach cancer, testicular cancer, gastric cancer, hypertension, and birth malformations.


If you have a termite or bug infestation at home, your first thought would be to use pesticide to kill them off. But, before doing that, be warned of the dangers of pesticides. Many pesticides contain hazardous chemicals that can cause severe disorders to the nervous system and even lead to death.

There have been several studies that showed a connection between a particular type of pesticide known as heptachlor epoxide and breast cancer. Moreover, the research also found that heptachlor epoxide could also lead to infertility, convulsions, kidney problems, liver diseases, and fetal complications in pregnant women.


Mining is an activity that releases harmful substances into the water, air, and surroundings. It is like when you are cutting metal with a plasma cutter (as experts say the best cutter uses plasma), there are small particles that are released and scattered around you.

Through the years, there have been numerous reports on mining operations causing sedimentation and contamination in nearby bodies of water. There have also been accounts of deforestation, erosion, and release of large volumes of heavy metals and dust into the environment. Anyone who is exposed to these, especially the miners themselves, become at great risk of developing severe health problems, such as respiratory problems and skin diseases.

Hazardous chemicals in household products

If you are a homeowner, you should be wary of household products that you purchase at supermarkets. Even if these things are advertised to have the ability to effectively clean and remove stubborn stains, you still have to go over their ingredients and not buy them if they contain dangerous elements.

Be very careful when around products that contain acetone, allethrin, butyl acetate, cocodiethanolamide, diazinon, glycol ether, fenvalerate, lead, propylene oxide, and rotenone, as these are examples of chemicals that can lead to serious irritations and health complications.